Our nanoparticles (Fe3O4) have superparamagnetic properties. These magnetite nanoparticles are used in research and development because of their high magnetic properties.


Magnetite nanoparticles are of interest in many applications, such as catalysis, magnetic purification as well as in the medical field (MRI or MPI contrast agent) thanks to their relevant properties (small size, no/limited toxicity and their superparamagnetic properties).

Our magnetite nanoparticles are approximately 20 nm in diameter. They are supplied in solution or as dry powders.

Our functionalized nanoparticles are made of a magnetic core (Fe3O4) and an organic coating that varies depending on the chemical function available at the surface.

Our functionalized magnetite nanoparticles have chemical functions available at the surface, such as:

- a single variant (such as NH2, COOH, N3, SK, ...)
- two variants in close vicinity (such as the COOH / OH pair,  tetrazine / COOH pair, ...)

Our nanocatalysts are made of a magnetic core (Fe3O4) with a ligand or a catalytic metal (Pd, Ru, Ni, Cu, ...) appended on the surface.

Our nanocatalysts can be used in all current catalytic processes without production line modification.

Our nanocatalysts are easily recoverable at the end of the process and can be reused in several catalytic cycles.